Exploring the very big city. That was basically how Emmet put it. It wasn’t a bad idea. In fact learning as much as you could when you were in a foreign place was the very opposite of a bad idea! He had thought to take a page out of his brother’s book and do the same.

So Ingo boarded the train and got off at a seemingly random stop (only seemingly because by now Ingo memorized all the stops) and took a walk. He honestly had no idea where he was going with this excursion. Back in Nimbasa City, Ingo seldom went out unless it was to a grocery store or that one shop in Anville Town that sold model trains. It was just that and the route from their house to the station. And he wasn’t Emmet. Ingo wasn’t the type to get distracted by any old thing and keep occupied by it for a good hour.

He briefly wondered if excursions were supposed to be this stressful.

Eventually, Ingo reached a long flight of stairs going downward which led to an open area— a park— and then beyond that were some roads and shops. Just as he was about to take the first step down, a heavy hand roughly pressed against his back, causing him to lunge forward.

The push was so sudden, too sudden to hold his ground, too sudden to even think about grabbing on to the neaby railing.

So he tumbled. He fell in probably the most undignified way. There was one instant where Ingo managed to get both on his feet on the concrete, but the momentum was too great and he continued falling.

At first glance he hadn’t thought of the stairway as incredibly tall, but as Ingo rolled down the steps the fall seemed unfairly long. Finally, after what felt like a minute of tripping over himself, Ingo hit the ground with a very loud THUD!

There was absolutely nothing to do as of late for the black feline. Rather, he didn’t do anything for who knew how long now. He would always paw around the apartment that was not even his, occasionally scratching at the curtains as only a cat would of course,  but got scolded for doing such when his pseudo owner returned home that afternoon.

Ah yes, Souji was not very good at reprimanding the Cheshire cat for having clawed the curtains but that was perhaps because Souji had that fondness for cats. Either way, aside from those mundane instances, the black cat was growing tired of being housed for so long. True, he was a house cat. Ever since he was Alice’s own pet cat —- but, lately, he couldn’t help but have the undeniable need to roam about in a more open environment. That being said, he did just that — and ventured out that day.

For as long as he’d been here, Cheshire realized quickly that each and every day, not only did the events grow stranger but as did the people. And it was on this day, with that passing thought that the black cat came across a tumbling  man, falling down a flight of stairs. He had seemed to stop at one point but quickly fell yet again and all the while, all the feline did was watch as the man tumbled down and down until he would eventually hit the bottom.

…Cheshire will never understands humans.

Mumbling to himself, the thought to help never even crossed his mind. Not because Cheshire was a mean little kitty cat exactly, but more so to the point that he thought as a cat would. Since he firmly believe himself to be exactly that despite his more human appearance. So, he waited until the man met his end at the bottom of the staircase and pawed over to him, prodding the now still man with a talon of his claws. He did this for awhile, prodding his side, his back, and whatever other area he wanted to really, wondering if the human male was even still alive.

Cheshire does not think that the human is dead…is Cheshire wrong? Cheshire will keep poking the human until the human answers Cheshire.

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hee ho holidays


[ The snow had finally settled. A nice swirl of flakes fluttering to the ground had finished off the literal globs of snow that the persona user had witnessed in the streets. It was like the icing on the cake, powder covering the minimal foliage and caking the ice chunks that littered the sidewalk.
It was the perfect weather for some good old holiday activities!
A lot of people would probably want to stay inside with weather like this, maybe snuggle up with some hot chocolate and someone they had come to know, but Souji was in the mood to get up and out. He`d been staying still for far too long, so lumpen and warm inside, busying himself with holiday baking and whatnot.

Everyone deserved a little break. Not to mention the sudden rush of cold air filling his lungs gave him this odd surge, a sudden realization of fresh air and actual life that existed beyond the stuff gray walls of his apartment.
Gloved hands were dusted in white flecks of sky as Souji idly balled up some of it, a force of habit that had followed him since childhood.
He tossed the icy ball at a nearby tree. If only there was someone to build a snow fort or something with. Maybe even snow angels!
It had been so long since he`d done those sort of activities. The memories of his own little city gave him a nice wave of warmth right down to his toes. ]   
Wow, my fingers are already freezing.

For a being that had spent so long in a previous life, locked away in a tower and then hidden away in the Abyss — this odd phenomena of snow was all too new. He had only seen it, never was able to get so close and touch it with his own paws. But after trailing behind Souji who was leaving the apartment, Cheshire only poked his head through the doors, growling as if the snow would hurt him.

It took him a few minutes until he eventually did — very slowly, reach a single clawed hand out, poking the metal into the snow as if to test the waters, so to speak. After that was done and the snow didn’t do anything, Cheshire slowly came up on all fours besides the persona user, purring in content now as he pricked and poked at the snow in curiosity. It didn’t feel all too cold, though there was a shudder as a freezing breeze passed by, the feline curling his tail around himself in an effort to keep warm.

Does Souji like the…white ice?

Another purr left his lips, the chain using both of his paws to bring the snow closer to him, rolling it back and forth as if it were a ball of yarn — and indeed there it was, a small snowball that Cheshire just leaned down and gave an experimental lick towards before hissing at how cold it felt. He shook his head and batted at the snow ball with his tail next, just idly playing with it as he would any cat toy.

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My brain hurts.”

“So you’re Cheshire, and I’m Chase. But I’m a Cheshire Cat. But you’re a chain. And there’s a chain on my collar.

Are you on my collar, then~?”

Cheshire isn’t an actual chain of metal links. Cheshire is a chain because Alice wanted Cheshire back, she gave Cheshire this eye too.

The entire thing was horribly confusing but the black cat really couldn’t explain it any easier, his existence anyway. Rather — it was very simple to him. The whole history of his death and how he came to be what he is now. It was all thanks to Alice, and besides, Cheshire honestly never thought of himself as a special Cheshire Cat — just Alice’s pet cat.

Besides, Cheshire has his own collar too, with the bell that Cheshire protects for Alice.

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betterdeadthanalive replied to your post: 

[ you`re not allowed oh wait wrong account ]

oh yes cheshire remembers all aBOUT THAT RULE ok ok where’ souji /shot

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“Cheshire? But- but-“

Chase is confused. His delusions make him think he’s the Cheshire Cat.

“Are there two of us~?”

Cheshire has no idea what you’re talking about. Cheshire is Cheshire and Cheshire doesn’t know anything else about other Cheshire’s. There’s other cats but they’re usually smaller than Cheshire because Cheshire is a chain of the Abyss.

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“You seem familiar…”

Chase leans in, watching Cheshire closely. He scratches his head.

“Where have I seen you~?”

Seen Cheshire? Cheshire has never seen you before, so Cheshire doesn’t know how you know or have seen Cheshire.

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Anonymous whispered,

/throws a fish at you

Cheshire is……thankful for this..

He can’t really recall the last time he ate, but he’s not about to be picky about a random fish being thrown at him by a complete stranger. He’s pretty sure that’s totally safe.

Anonymous whispered,

Kiss the next person to post on your dash!

Cheshire was told not to kiss anyone — Cheshire doesn’t really understand what a kiss is but…maybe. Cheshire will think about it.

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